We are proud to announce that we are on G-Cloud 12

Government Cloud Computing, also known as G-Cloud, is a U.K. government program to promote the adoption of cloud computing throughout the public sector. The nationwide initiative focuses on economic growth, capitalizing on the cloud’s cost saving and flexibility to create more efficient ways to deliver public services. G-Cloud supplies a Digital Marketplace, from which members of the public sector can find and buy trusted computer cloud computing services.

The G-Cloud consists of a series of framework agreements with suppliers, from which public sector organisations can buy trusted services, without having to run extensive checks. The Digital Marketplace itself, is an online store, which allows public sector bodies to search for services that are covered by G-Cloud. These agreements will run for 12 months, from September 28 2020. With the possibility of extension.

G-Cloud lots include: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support. Suppliers can apply to showcase services in any or all the lots. Konsolute are proud to be on the Digital Marketplace offering Microsoft Cloud Services and enterprise collaboration platforms, enabling organizations to work smartly and efficiently. Our ex-Microsoft consultants work closely with clients, to understand your business first and then look how tech can be used to skillfully build a digital workspace.

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