Why is Keeping on Top of Updates so Important?

Most companies the world over, use Microsoft 365 products and features in their day-to-day business operations. As Microsoft continue to expand, so do the vast array of products created by them, designed to help users increase productivity and enhance results. End-users often fight a losing battle, when attempting to keep up with every new product created by Microsoft. Once Microsoft products are fully understood by employees, the new features vastly improve productivity and performance. But, it’s impossible to find the time or manpower, to teach organisations about every new feature created. Virtual Academy by Konsolute, has been designed to make learning about Microsoft 365 products and features easy and accessible. Virtual Academy creates a centralised information platform that can be tailored to your organisational structure. Relevant information can be dispelled to people in different departments, including training on relevant courses and updates on new software that may interest employees. Which features make Virtual Academy the ultimate place to keep your employees up to speed with software updates?

Learn at Your Own Pace

When learning new skills, people often build mental barriers that prevent them from absorbing information. The main reasons people lose confidence include losing track of the flow, because content is being explained too fast; or a lack of foundational understanding preventing people from building knowledge. The Virtual Academy prevents these common barriers to learning, through providing all the material you need to get up to date in one place. Providing foundational content for beginners and leading to more complex content, as understanding grows. Research shows that 93% of people like to learn at their own pace, so we brought this to the tech world.


Everyone needs a bit of guidance when learning a new skill. Learning Administrators, or personalised mentors can take charge of their mentee’s platform, providing the right learning material and extra resources to create an immersive learning experience for Microsoft 365. The learning mentor can even suggest the order the resources are read in, to ensure the optimal learning experience for their mentee.


Through Automatic Push Notifications, we will provide the latest updates and changes to Virtual Academy, as well as training in each new feature. This ensures your organisation can adjust to those changes with ease and provide new training material to optimize the new changes of Microsoft 365 products.

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