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Your Health Check Series

Why regular Health Checks are best practice when it comes to you M365 Tenancy 

Today we're continuing to take you through our brand new Health Check. Let's dive a little deeper into the metadata we assess and how your results can be a vehicle for positive change.

As we head towards a state of blended working with a more balanced usage of in person and virtual experiences, the malleability of Microsoft 365 will only continue to grow. In fact, Microsoft’s latest release of Viva is the embodiment of this hybrid, encouraging an environment of extreme flexibility. Microsoft has recognised that businesses will need to invest more and more in employee experience technology rather than the previously ‘transactional’ nature of some Teams environments. But as always, with a growing ecosystem featuring multiple layers of communication comes the need for increased admin accesses and governance.

Running regular ‘health checks’ should be a part of business best practice and monitoring virtual communities and sub-channels is more essential than ever before. In this blog we’re breaking down the three information points that Konsolute assess in your Health Check. Below is an explanation of all the metadata we will measure in your organizational medical and more importantly, what you might like to do with the result.

To keep things simple, we’ll go through Teams, Channels and Apps as presented in your ‘real world’ report.

Three Areas That Could Be Slowing Your Productivity


Here you’ll get the latest insight into your organization’s teams with a complete list of their names, privacy settings and owners. We’ve broken down the storage consumed by these teams, the documents they hold and the folders they use. These extraction points not only tell you how well your departments are communicating. They highlight areas where your company may not be compliant with regulatory guidelines– something that should be addressed sooner rather than later. 

Everyone knows that folders can help to streamline processes by structuring information stores. However, an excessive use of folders can pose issues when the search for documents becomes a time-consuming and laborious process. The same can be said for the vast quantities of documentation within these folders.  

So, with this in mind we’ve created a list of all orphaned and unused teams that may be storing data and folders that are pointlessly eating into your data usage. These unused teams are flagged at 30, 90 and 180 days without activity. With this information, you have the power to see these ‘deadweight’ areas of your organisation and start streamlining your processes. 

But what’s the point in all this information without a little context? We decided to include a 12 month chart of growth, month by month to provide you with annual trends in your organisationThe Health Check then takes this data and uses it to forecast your potential expansion over the next 12 months too. If you don’t like the look of the trajectory, it’s probably time to step in and take control of your tenancy’s growth. 


In much the same way, we’ve assessed your channels. Channels can be treated as subdivisions of your individual teams that need just as much governance. Health Check will give you a total number and highlight the visibility/ privacy settings of your total. We’ve also given you a previous 12 months of growth and a projected growth forecast of the next 12 months. 


Installed Team apps have the potential to be one of the biggest threats to the overall security of your tenancyThe number you’re presented with indicates the number of third-party (i.e. non-Microsoft) apps that are being used across your Microsoft Teams.  

Apps are a great way to streamlines processes within Teams and collaborate with your favourite third-party applications. However, without the necessary diligence your organisational data might be stored externally and may be in breach of your organisational guidelines. 

Want to talk through your results?

Oversight to Action 

Now that we’ve tackled the metadata of your teams, channels and appsyou have the power of insight into your company’s storage and structure. You may decide that you need a helping hand with streamlining certain processes. Perhaps you feel greater admin controls would be helpful or AI could reduce the number of orphaned groups and channels.  

AKonsolute, Reflekt is our M365 tool designed to govern, automate and manage the lifecycle of your environment. If you’ve given this Health Check a go because you’re tired of handling admin bottlenecks and need help with your digital transformation we hear you! Reflekt was designed to allow you complete control over accesses, guests, group creation and cloned groups to name a few. It’s a product with the power to increase productivity and bring IT managers peace of mind. If you’re ready to hear more about Reflekt why not get booked in for a chat? Hit this link and we’ll be in touch.  


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