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New Year, New Hires? It’s probably time to get your Onboarding Strategy up to scratch in 2022.

At Konsolute, we understand that the early stages of new employment are essential to retention and success so we’ve designed a product that personalises and elevates that experience. In today’s blog lets dives a little deeper into what we think makes for a great onboarding strategy.

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With January well underway, many organisations are taking on new hires as the beginning of 2022 marks a fresh start for many. Our professional relationships are no different to our personal, familial or romantic ones- they require effort. So, are you equipped with the tools to aid successful onboarding in 2022? Are you ready to welcome your new starters with the best possible new starter experience?

Reassessing priorities:

We are currently living through a time of high activity in the jobseeker market- the past two years have forced people to revaluate and many have arrived at a new set of career requirements. For some, flex and hybrid working is now a must have rather than a preference and companies who have chosen to reinstate full time office work are facing the threat of a mass exodus. This is just one scenario, across the board individuals are restless and looking for change. Perhaps, leaders should turn their attention to retaining their strongest workers and hiring new employees who will propel the organization forward. This is an opportunity to upgrade the workforce by providing better experiences.

Perhaps it’s time to reimagine your onboarding experience?

The onboarding experience in particular is often under-resourced and under-designed. Many employers fail to recognise the cost saving potential of investing more into onboarding products, but we believe that a shift in mindset is also needed when it comes to new hire strategy. Recognising the shift in a person’s life that comes when starting a new job and the holistic impact of that change would be a great place to start. With so much anticipated turnover, it’s critical for organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their onboarding efforts, in order to help employees feel valued. It’s important to mention that this is increasingly significant for those taking on remote staff, how do we create that sense of ‘family’ and belonging without meeting in a physical space.


Organisations welcoming incoming employees will do well to remember that job seekers are looking for more flexibility and relief from burnout bought about by the months of working through a pandemic. Hiring staff should take an empathetic tone, highlighting their commitment to employee needs and benefits, particularly regarding mental health. Take a leaf out of Microsoft Viva’s book, the all singing all dancing Employee Experience platform designed to bring remote working and wellbeing to life. Using a product like Onboard will also help you to share a clear and compelling vision for the organization will also encourage employees looking for a fresh start and enable organizations to tap into the full range of their abilities.

Investing in a great onboarding experience will accelerate the process of turning new hires into engaged and purpose-driven employees and will help replace resignation with retention.

Get Onboard

Use Onboard to create an inclusive work hub from home, with intelligent recommendations and community suggestions for new hires. We recognise that feeling valued and appreciated in the early post-recruitment stages improves new hire retention. In fact, poor onboarding alone leads to 22% of new hires leaving their organisation. Konsolute wants to help companies minimise that risk, given the investment of time and budget that newly recruited employees represent. We know that tailoring and flexibility are key, so we have designed a program that can be adapted and enriched at any time by hiring managers. Assign new documents, links and training courses at the touch of a button. 

Take control of early stage employee experience

Onboard’s smart administrative interface gives you complete control over your people’s onboarding experience. You know your organisation best, so our product gives you the power to manage your users by defining their access and permissions. Two thirds of us are visual or spatial learners, so we’ve made the most of statistical infographics and streamlined data representation. The platform allows key data points such as onboarding completion, interaction levels and portal activity to be monitored from your interface with ease.

If this sounds like something you need, give us a call, we’d love to chat.

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