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Microsoft Viva

Viva is here to prioritise wellbeing in the workplace with intelligent Insights.

At Konsolute, we think Viva is a gamechanger, that’s why we’re developing consultancy kickstart packages to get your journey off to a great start.

In this new blog series we’re going to be taking a deeper dive into the world of Microsoft Viva, addressing and sharing knowledge around each of its four core modules - Connections, Insights, Learning and Topics. This week is the turn of Insights, the module bringing the 'human' back to the workplace.


Yes, caring for your employee wellbeing is the ‘right thing to do’ but forward thinking industry leaders know that the likes of Viva Insights are bringing an even greater reward. In fact, research suggests that organisations who put their employee wellbeing first are up to 25% more profitable to those who don’t and experience 78% better staff retention, saving millions each year in onboarding costs. In the new world of remote working, where switching off is made impossible by platforms geared towards productivity, organisations would be well advised to employ holistic health tools or risk a burnt out workforce.

Viva Insights is designed to provide both individuals and organisations with an oversight of how work is being done- at what time and for how long. The module comes with a range of features that help monitor wellbeing in different ways, and then help organisations and individuals to make positive change.

Privacy is something most organisations and their employees value highly and it’s important to remember that despite having increased oversight of workforce patterns, private information will never be shared with managers. This is a platform designed to increase time efficiency, wellbeing and employee engagement, not to monitor a workforce.

At present, the bigger the organisation, the greater the wealth of data Viva can use to train it’s AI and provide great insights. Essentially big data means clearer patterns and trends. This is not to say Insights isn’t applicable to everyone, at the end of the day metrics and oversight can be established in organisations of all sizes.

We can divide Viva Insights into two key areas…

Insights for better people management

Managers will now have the ability to see how their workforce is performing to some degree, below are some of the metrics and factors that are presented at an organisational level.


Late nights?

Viva Insights is able to collate individual online hours metrics and zoom out to an organisational level. Managers will, for example, be able to see how many employees are working after hours. We are assuming that too many late nights are a red flag for burnout and something any good manager should work to counteract.


How unified are my teams?

With Viva Insights, managers will be able to monitor team cohesion by viewing collaboration and interconnection metrics. See how often team members are speaking to each other and compare across your company. Perhaps this feature will help identify teams who need help with bonding exercises, assuming that better collaboration means a more successful end product.


Find and tackle red flags

Viva Insights can tell you how your employees are dividing up their time. Perhaps there are certain teams sitting in 3 hour meetings or maybe some employees are in the habit of scheduling last minute calls. These metrics can be taken as red flags or obstacles to productivity. In this instance, better oversight means tackling your sticking points head on.

Insights for a better employee experience 

This is where Viva really comes into its own, when individual employees begin to notice a number of features that will genuinely enhance their personal wellbeing and transform their working day to day. These include:

Do not disturb

Viva Insights will enable individuals to block out focus time in their diary. They will not be disturbed by alerts and notifications, and the time will be blocked out in their calendar too – so they cannot be invited to meetings . Instead, they can dedicate those hours to things like brainstorming new concepts or creating- tasks that often get eaten up by meeting time.



Viva Insights will also begin to make personal recommendations that aim to streamline document access. For example, it might notice you are spending a lot of time looking at one specific project, and therefore provide suggestions around this topic. This almost acts as an easy access tab and saves you the hassle of trawling folders to find documents.


Just checking in

From small daily surveys on your perceived mood to providing access to mindfulness apps such as Head Space Microsoft have made it clear that employee wellbeing is the focus of Insights. It seems the power of visualisation is something Viva are attempting to harness with virtual commutes build into the diary and a daily ‘wrap up’ feature that helps users recognise what they’ve achieved each day and remind them when the working day should end. Remember when we mentioned employers being able to collate individual online hours at an organisational level? This is the tool to help get those long hours in check.


A tailored experience

Using AI Viva will begin to learn about the individual and help them understand their own workday better. It helps you to visualise your time and activities and work on establishing a healthy balance.


For Individuals, Viva Insights is here to help restore balance in the work day with the overall aim of improving productivity and reducing the risk of burnout. Features have been created to give a holistic helping hand to those in remote working environments who are experiencing the negative impact of the home office.

With Viva Insights, Microsoft has created its first specific user experience platform and is effectively starting to ‘bake’ wellbeing products into universally used software (SharePoint and Teams). With this in mind, we’d love to both help organisations leverage their insight data and improve well being provision whilst educating individual users on the power of Viva. If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for why not get in touch?

Consultancy and making the most of Viva Insights

We’re launching a series of assessments and workshops designed to help you embrace all of Viva’s four modules, if you’re interested in gaining consultancy at any stage of your Viva Insights journey from set-up to onboarding we’re here to empower you with the tools to harness Microsoft 365. Why not get in touch?

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