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Environmental compliance, sustainability goals and strategy for the future: Using the M365 stack to promote a more protected planet

Southern Water has just been fined a record 90 million pounds for their dumping of untreated sewage into coastal water around the UK...

The company admitted 6,971 illegal spills from 17 sites in Hampshire, Kent and West Sussex between 2010 and 2015.

We’re sure that there were a multitude of reasons for why the company became one of the worst organisations for pollution incidents in the last year but the bottom line? Poor Quality management, a disregard for environmental standards and the prioritising of profit over protocol.

Environment minister Rebecca pow said the agency report made for extremely disappointing reading. She continued that, ‘getting the basics right is critical for water companies and then they need to go further in playing their part in achieving a higher level of ambition for our precious water environment.’ 

A Shift in Priorities

It’s a shift in organisational priorities that we’re seeing again and again. Considering the future and protecting the planet and its inhabitants/ environments just feels like the right thing to do, so now when manufacturing disasters happen and oil is on fire in the middle of the ocean or sewage is being pumped into the sea it is more detrimental to public perception than ever before.

We’ve been tuning into the Microsoft Inspire event which has taken place virtually this year. Amongst other important/ relevant topics that have been discussed, sustainability and the future have taken a leading role on the roadmap.

Microsoft’s #BuildFor2030 campaign highlights Microsoft partners whose technology solutions align with wider sustainability development Goals and are powering a more inclusive economy.

Microsoft Partners are Building Solutions for a More Environmentally Resilient Future

There are countless ways in which organisations can minimise their negative impact on the environment, from implementing better ISO standards to replanting trees, the options are endless. This quarter, Microsoft have been focused on how physical buildings can be big contributors to a reduction in air quality, light pollution and carbon footprint. #BuildFor2030 is a campaign empowering customers to understand and better manage the environmental impact of their own buildings and spaces.

The tech giants have partnered with the likes of Honeywell and other AI technologies to encourage partners to think in a more practical way about the day to day impact on the future.

So how Konsolute are encouraging a cleaner future amongst our clients?

Helping our clients establish streamlined Quality Management Systems with our ISO certified product means that standards such as 14001 are easily adhered to and enforced across organisations. Maintaining good environmental management, mitigating risk and reducing waste through standards is a great place to start when taking steps to clean up your carbon footprint.

We also feel it’s fundamental to get your team on the same page when it comes to future vision and we encourage clients using our onboarding tools to make the most of this stage of the recruitment process. We think that good environmental practices should be established from day one and the Onboard product is a great way of sharing this ethos. Whether its incentivised recycling or banning straws from the office- it’s the small initiatives that add up and ultimately create a better reputation for your business.

If you’d like to discuss the ways in which you can improve your environmental provision through better cloud products – talk to us. We’d love to chat.

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