Compliance Checklist

Managing your Tasks

QMS Overview

  • An Action Plan can consist of multiple Tasks
  • A Task be associated to Evidence/s
  • If the Planner integration has been enabled, a corresponding Microsoft Planner Task will be created with the associated attributes
  • The Planner Task and the Quality Management System Task are synchronised.
  • A Task can have the following attributes:
    • Title - the name of the title
    • Due Date - the estimated
    • Description - a brief description of the task
    • Assignee - a person who is responsible for managing the Task
    • Type - the Task category
    • Department - the associated department of the Task

  • You can create a task by clicking on to the action plan and then clicking the plus icon on the right of "To-do Tasks"
  • Specify the metadata for task
  • Click "Create" to save the task

  • You can edit can existing Claus by highlighting a Clauses and clicking "Edit Clause"
  • You can update the Clause metadata accordingly
  • Click the "Save" button to save your changes