Compliance Checklist

Managing your Clauses

QMS Overview

  • A Clause is an obligation defined by a Certificate / Standard
  • The QMS application comes preloaded Clauses associated with Certificates / Standards. To download the latest Checklist Standards. Please click here
  • Clause/s can be associated to Certificate / Standards. You can find more information about creating Certificate here
  • A Clause can consist of multiple Actions Plans
  • A Clauses can have the following attributes:
    • Unique reference
    • Name
    • Description
    • Risk

  • From the clause menu select "Add Clause"
  • Complete the New Clause form:
    • Reference - a unique reference number
    • Name - name of the Clause
    • Description - a brief overview of the Clause
    • Risk - Low, Medium, High
  • Click the "Save" button to save the Clause

  • You can edit an existing Clause by highlighting a Clause and clicking "Edit Clause"
  • You can update the Clause metadata accordingly
  • Click the "Save" button to save your changes

  • Resetting a Clause will reset the status to Incomplete and it will also remove any associated Action Plans and Tasks (the Clause will not be remove)
  • To reset the Clause, you can highlight the Clause
  • From the Clause menu, click on the "Reset Clause"
  • Click "Yes" to continue

  • You can Archive a Clause which completely removes the Clause, it's associated Action Plans and Tasks
  • To Archive a Clause, highlight the Clause and select "Archive Clause" from the Clause header menu
  • Click to "Archive" button to proceed