Compliance Checklist

Managing your Action Plans

QMS Overview
  • An Action Plan enables you to manage and track your obligation to satisfying the Clause
  • Multiple Action Plan/s can be associated to a Clause
  • You can create a Action Plan, you can also link an existing Action to a Clause
  • An Action Plan consists of the following attributes:
    • Title - The name of the Action Plan
    • Due Date - The estimated due date for the completion of the Action Plan
    • Purpose - A brief description of the Action Plan
    • Objective - A brief overview of the Action Plan
    • Plan Leader - A user who are overseeing the Action Plan
    • Department - Who owns / oversees the Action Plan
    • Category - What category the Action Plan is satisfying
    • Risk - The associated risk of the Action Plan
  • You can associate an Action Plan to an existing Clause by highlighting the Clause
  • Once selected click "Create new Action Plan" from the  menu
  • Specify the metadata for the Action Plan
  • Click "Create" to save the Action Plan
  • You can edit can existing Clause by highlighting a Clause and clicking "Edit Clause"
  • You can update the Clause metadata accordingly
  • Click the "Save" button to save your changes