Compliance Checklist

Managing your Evidence

QMS Overview
  • Evidences demonstrate how an Action Plan has been satisfied
  • Evidence/s can be associated to a Task
  • The Evidences can consist of multiple Checklist/s
  • Evidences consist of the following attributes:
    • File uploader - a link to the file from your local computer
    • Internal / External Link
      • Link Title - The name of the linked item
      • Link Url - The absolute Url of the linked item
  • Navigate to the Task and click on the Plus Icon button within the Evidence Links box
  • Specify a link title and Url
  • Click on the "Create Link" button to create / upload the evidence
Screenshot 2023 03 10 134953
  • You can click on Title link to navigate directly to the evidence
  • You can click on the red bin icon to delete the evidence link from the task