Compliance Checklist

Dashboard Overview

Information about the dashboard the controls.

  • SharePoint steps from the Installation section must have been carried out
  • You are currently in the 'Compliance Checklist' app page within the Quality Management System

The dashboard is the main control point to create and modify certifications and its contents.

  • Certification tabs
    • Switch between the certifications stored in your app here
    • The certification name, description, due date and statuses are shown here
    • Compliance status of the certification is shown
      • The compliancy status of the selected certification
      • The value is determined by the number of clauses in the 'Ready' status.
    • Certification due date button is shown
      • Set the due date for a certification by clicking on edit button
      • Action plans and its tasks are limited by this due date and must be completed before the certification due date
  • Command bar
    • Used to create edit and delete certifications, clauses and action plans
    • Used to link existing action plans to clauses
    • Approval controls are also located here to approve / reject a clause and its evidence
    • Archive and reset data
      • Resets the selected certification and its clauses
      • This involves archiving all current action plans and tasks linked to the clauses of the certifications.
      • The certification is then reset back to 'Not started' status
  • Clause List
    • Shows the information for clauses for the selected certification
    • Columns are sortable by clicking on the list headers
    • The clause approval status is also displayed here
  • Certification progress
    • The progress of the clauses within the certification
    • As each clause changes to a 'Ready' status, this percentage increases until it hits 100%
  • Download Report
    • Exports a report for the selected certification detailing the status of the clauses and the action plans associated to it