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Konsolute assist UK government department move 30 million files from OpenText's LiveLink to SharePoint Online

Konsolute, a leading technology solutions provider, has been at the forefront of assisting a central government organisation, based in the United Kingdom, in their digital transformation journey. One notable success story involves the seamless migration and transformation of data from OpenText's LiveLink system to Microsoft's SharePoint Online.


In the face of evolving technological landscapes, many central government organizations encounter challenges with legacy systems, including the need to migrate critical data from platforms such as OpenText’s LiveLink. These challenges often include outdated infrastructure, complex data structures, and the imperative to enhance collaboration and accessibility.

Numerous government departments throughout the United Kingdom historically opted for LiveLink as their enterprise document management system. LiveLink enabled these government directorates to organise and manage their organisational content and documents throughout their lifecycle.

The UK government has been endorsing the adoption of Microsoft 365 across central and local government entities. This endorsement aligns with their initiative to standardize Microsoft 365, aiming to modernize and streamline digital services within the government. Their decision is driven by various factors, including the platform’s collaboration features, security capabilities, and cloud-based infrastructure. By adopting a standardized platform, the government aims to achieve greater interoperability, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration among its departments and agencies.

The government organisation approached Konsolute to migrate 30 million files consisting of structured / unstructured data totalling around 7 TB to their Microsoft 365 platform.


Konsolute undertook a strategic three-phase approach for a seamless LiveLink to SharePoint migration on Microsoft 365. In the initial phase, emphasizing a modernized information architecture and robust security framework to leverage the enterprise features available on the Microsoft Cloud platform.

The subsequent phase involved the development of scripts interfacing with LiveLink APIs. These scripts extracted raw files, versions, and metadata, ensuring the prepared data was ready for effortless ingestion into SharePoint Online.

The third and final phase involved the development of customized migration scripts. These scripts played a vital role in transforming the raw files and metadata extracted from LiveLink into a specified format aligning to the SharePoint Migration APIs.


Konsolute successfully migrated the 7 TB and 30 million files within the scheduled timeline. The restructuring of information helped the government organisation in the following:

  • Departmental Collaboration: Enhanced collaborating with other governmental departments, enabling seamless document sharing, project coordination, and communication across various teams
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduction in operational costs by removing the additional licences costs and extensive on-premises infrastructure
  • Copilot / Artificial Intelligence: Utilise AI capabilities available on the Microsoft 365 enabling the organization to search and discover information intelligently
  • Security: Robust security platform built around compliance. Automated compliance checks and advanced security measures help maintain data integrity allowing the organization to adhere to legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Integration with Office Productivity Tools: Integration with familiar productivity tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams
  • Automation: Automation tools like Power Automate assists the government department to reduce manual tasks, and enhancing overall operational efficiency
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