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Enhancing Contract Management Efficiency with Microsoft 365 for Iris Software

Iris Software are an organisation who build software for accountants, schools, HR and finance teams to solve some of the most important operational business problems. Iris Software drastically reduces the time spent on administration and reporting; and generating actionable data insights to make better business decisions for business functions such as Accountants, schools, payroll and HR.


When Iris Software decided to develop a Contracts Management System built on Microsoft 365, they sought the expertise of an accredited Microsoft Partner. Their search led them to a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner capable of assisting them in the creation of a specialised Contracts Management System based on Microsoft 365.

The Contract Management System would enable Iris to automate and streamline the process of creating, managing, and monitoring contracts throughout their lifecycle. Providing a centralised platform to store, organise, and track their contracts, enabling efficient contract administration and ensuring compliance with their contractual obligations such as DPA and GDPR.


Konsolute successfully deployed an enterprise-level Contract Management System for Iris Software, harnessing the power of Microsoft Cloud and leveraging products and technologies from Microsoft 365 and Azure stack. The implementation of the system brought forth a multitude of features and benefits, some of the notable enhancements included:

  • Centralised Contract Repository: All contracts were consolidated within a secure, centralised repository, enabling easy access and retrieval. Contracts were organised systematically with powerful search capabilities, eliminating the risk of lost or misplaced contracts, de-duplication and providing a singular source of the truth
  • Streamlined Contract Creation and Editing: The system offered standardised contract templates and intuitive editing tools, simplifying the contract creation and modification process. Collaborative features allowed multiple stakeholders to review and contribute to contract terms, resulting in faster turnaround times.
  • Proactive Tracking and Notifications: The system automated contract tracking, ensuring timely action on key milestones, such as renewal and termination dates. Automated notifications and alerts were implemented, reducing the likelihood of missed deadlines and contractual obligations.
  • Efficient Approval Workflows: The contract management system streamlined approval workflows, eliminating manual routing and enabling electronic signatures. This significantly reduced the time required to obtain approvals and increased process efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Robust reporting and analytics capabilities using using Power BI provided Iris Software with valuable insights into contract performance, risks, and opportunities. The ability to generate customised reports enabled informed decision-making and strategic planning.


The implementation of the Contract Management System proved to be a success for Iris Software. The organisation experienced a remarkable improvement in contract management efficiency, compliance, and overall productivity. The centralised repository built upon SharePoint Online and streamlined processes minimised risks associated with contract mismanagement and improved visibility into contractual obligations.

Iris Software realised several tangible benefits, including reduced contract administration costs, increased employee productivity, enhanced compliance with contractual terms, and minimised legal and financial risks. The implementation of the Contract Management System positioned Iris Software as a more agile and effective organisation, capable of efficiently managing its contractual relationships.

  • Software Industry

  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI