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Hybrid workspace consulting services

Konsolute’s onboarding solution for hybrid workspaces

Wrapping up our blog focus on hybrid workspaces, we’re tackling the challenges of employee onboarding in our new remote working landscape.

Organisations are regularly failing to offer an alternative to the social/ holistic support and interaction of a physical office and are suffering the consequences. Unfortunately, employee retention and successful onboarding are inextricably linked. The reality is, it is also much easier for new recruits to resign when no feelings of loyalty or personal warmth have developed and organisational culture appears poor or remote.

With a staggering 88% of employees feeling let down by their onboarding experience in 2020, we know there is plenty of room for improvement. At Konsolute we believe the answer lies in creating digital environments that match up to the old world offerings.   

71% of recent hires admitted that they would’ve settled in better with improved onboarding.

Personalised training

Welcome to ‘people orientated’ onboarding, giving your organisation the creative freedom to build a platform that helps your latest recruit settle into their new role with confidence. Put simply, Onboard is the most effective way to deliver Microsoft 365 introductory videos, policies and procedures (Teams, Yammer and SharePoint), creating consistency and reliability in your day-to-day processes. 

Create connections

Get your new hires up to speed and accelerating with confidence – our technology helps recent joiners build quick connections with their hiring managers, so they can start learning from their expertise from Day One. Most new employees admit to feeling overwhelmed in their first few weeks at an organisation. Finding the relevant help, understanding the social landscape and discovering new communities can all seem daunting in addition to a new job role. Konsolute has ensured that Onboard mitigates these day-to-day issues, alleviating new hire stress and avoiding administrative delays by intelligently connecting users with relevant knowledge and links. 

A hub for meaningful relationships

Navigate your way to new hire satisfaction with a portal that is crafted with them in mind. Onboard provides a dashboard of activities such as their personalised experience to date and recommended communities. Content authors have the autonomy to publish localised information directly to the portal – content like enriching news articles, company announcements or even a new coffee shop recommendation. Our dashboard isn’t just about professional experience; it provides a hub for those meaningful relationships within your organisation. We’ve learnt that it’s these small, personal touches that lead to increased productivity, engagement and loyalty throughout the onboarding process and beyond. 

Let’s get to work

There’s no getting around it; a negative onboarding experience in the current climate can lead to a loss of productivity and performance. 71% of recent hires admitted that they would’ve settled in better with improved onboarding. Sampling our service is simple; click below to access a 15 day free trial or drop us a line and we’ll be happy to book a demo. Our range of pricing options and subscription models mean you’re in control of your Konsolute journey. With flexi and remote working here to stay, now is the time to invest in your onboarding and create stronger virtual communities for the future. 

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