Let SharePoint Syntex amplify your organisation's expertise, automate content processing, and intelligently transform your content into knowledge.

The first first offering as part of Microsoft’s Project Cortex, SharePoint Syntex creates AI models that classify and extract information and automatically apply metadata to your documents.

Train Syntex's AI to intelligently label and classify your data, freeing up manpower and removing human error

Save time and energy spent searching for documents through the application of comprehensive column-based metadata

Enforce security and compliance with automatically applied sensitivity and retention labels

All actions in one place

The SharePoint Syntex dashboard leads you through the steps for training its AI capabilities. Key actions include adding example files to the system, classifying files and training the AI, creating and training the elements to be recognised, and applying your trained models to new libraries. These actions all initiate user-friendly processes through which your organisation can train Syntex to automatically search through your documents and add metadata in order to classify and organise your data.

Recognise file format

Syntex’s training programme allows you to specify a file format, upload your own files, and give examples that both conform and do not conform to the given format. The Syntex training system helps teach your cloud how to read content the way you do, recognising and categorising your files exactly how you want it.

Extract Elements

Syntex further allows you to define extractors, elements of your data by which you want documents to be labelled and classified. After defining your extractors, you teach your programme where to find the required information in various examples, training the system where to find certain data such as names, dates, or addresses. Syntex can be taught to recognise information by location, format, or associated phrases, ensuring that your content is recognised accurately.

Sit back and relax

Once trained, the Syntex system is then able to process your documents, extracting the metadata that you have specified and using it to label your documents. Simply sit back and let Syntex run in the background, seamlessly classifying your content with zero supervision required. The system also provides a “Confidence Score”, letting you know which files the system believes to have been classified the most accurately.

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