One-Click Intranet

D-Ploy Intranet

Customisable Components

One of our many features of our intranet solution is enabling our users to audience target information in terms of applicable and relevant information i.e. news articles, blog post to the right people, creating full governance on communication content within your intranet communications.


Just like what kind of tiles you want when building a new house, we provision template designs for your intranet solution tailored to your organisation; whether it be a small or big organisation, we have templates to suit your every needs.


The problem with current intranet packages is that there are a lot of components and landing pages that need to be made as a separate cost, which will bring up a lot of complications in an organisation’s intranet solution development planning process. We thought this was unnecessary and we came up with a solution to provide you with a ready out-of-the box intranet solution, that will include all functions, features and setup for an intranet, as a solution to bypassing the long process of creating an intranet platform whilst also reducing your organisation cost on an intranet solution.


We thought that providing you with an intranet Solution package was not enough. So here is the part of why we call this a modern intranet package. Once you have your intranet up and running, we will send you frequent updates and new features to constantly modernise your intranet package, to ensure it is up to modern standards or having an intranet solution that is innovatively better than your competitors.