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Office 365 document and record management solutions

Konsolute has extensive experience developing electronic record management solutions for a range of customers within different industry sectors. We work with our clients to understand how the users interact with data throughout the entire data lifecycle and provide a well planned Information Architecture to comply with internal policies and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Planning for records management

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Office 365 Intelligent Metadata Extractor

Enables Content Owners and Information Managers to visualise their stored against multiple interfaces (file share, SharePoint On-Premise, SharePoint Online, Documentum, Google Docs). The data is visualised via Microsoft’s Power BI dashboard which enables the end users to query the data

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Office 365 Governance as a Service

Governance as a Service is a rule based, modular, cloud centric engine that centralises the management of governance policies. It ensures that the platform always remain in line with the defined information architecture model

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