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Intranet Solutions

With a wealth of experience in delivering SharePoint and Office 365 content management solutions, Konsolute can assist in redeveloping and transforming your legacy Intranet platform. Following latest design principles and industry best practice, we deliver highly usable, intuitive and interactive solutions, driving user engagement, increasing adoption and maximising return on investment.

  • Intranet prototyping to produce tangible outputs at an early stage

  • Definition of user personas driving true user focused design

  • Integration of social computing features and SharePoint user profiles

  • Powerful news and internal communications platform, driving staff engagement

  • Cloud First Agenda

  • Modern and media rich experience

  • Definition of a corporate taxonomy and information architecture
  • Branding and user interface design for various form factors

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Office 365 Intranet

A collaborative, accessible and responsive intranet solution, integrated with your existing EDRMS and Line of Business applications. The solutions offers the following services:

  • Workflow driven publishing and web content management solution
  • People search and directory
  • Audience targeted content delivery
  • Enterprise search integration
  • Yammer integration
  • Customisable user experience and design
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