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Information Architecture and Governance

When you’re creating a new corporate intranet or implementing tools to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration in your organisation, success or failure often depends on the design of these solutions. For your organisation to get the most from business information and content, that information must be easy to find

That’s why many organisations benefit from working with our SharePoint experts to develop effective information design and governance strategy. Here are some of the ways we help to create well-designed technology solutions

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Governance as a Service

Konsolute Governance as a Service is a rule based, modular, cloud centric engine that centralises the management of governance policies. The governance rules and policies are fed into the engine as and when they are created. The users request goes through an approval process where information managers review and approve, IT may choose to also act as a second approver, the engine then does all the hard work within minutes.

Konsolute Governance as a Service, ensures that the platform always remain in line with the defined information architecture model, respecting all governance rules and policies. IT is no longer the bottleneck and users will no longer be required to wait for their request to be implemented.

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