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Governance as a Service (GaaS)

Every organisation utilises governance in some form, whether it is a formal or informal practice.

Governance is an important aspect of rolling out a system, especially on a platform which can be heavily customised. Traditionally SharePoint has been deployed within organisations and there tends to be two models a loose permissions and customisation model and a strict permissions and customisation models and both are on opposite ends of the spectrum

But what is it?

For example, a member of the human resources department going through a set procedure to on-board a new employee. This may seem pretty straightforward, until you delve a little deeper into the scenario. Taking the example above, the HR team member may need to…

  1. Verify the identity of the new employee.
  2. Perform a CRB check.
  3. Obtain national insurance information for PAYE and pension purposes.
  4. Obtain bank account information for payment of salary / expenses.
  5. Draw-up and store a copy of the employment contract.
  6. Register for various employee benefits, such as childcare schemes, company car, company mobile.
  7. Organise a start date and arrange first day activities with manager.

Now consider the additional teams that would be involved in the on-boarding steps…

  1. Finance to be made aware of the new employee and to set up a new payroll account.
  2. Facilities to prepare adequate desk space.
  3. IT to provision accounts and access rights.
  4. Procurement to order the necessary equipment.
  5. Legal to ensure the contract paperwork is in order.
  6. Security to arrange physical access to various areas of the building.

Let’s now think about some additional requirements…

  1. The storage of personal information must adhere to the Data Protection Act.
  2. The storage of bank account information must be secure and accessible to only relevant internal resources.
  3. Changes to the steps depending on the type of employee (temporary, contractor, permanent).
  4. Changes to the steps depending on the role of the employee (manager, team lead, etc).
  5. Each team / member needs to know when their specific task needs to start / end.
  6. Where the steps need to happen in a timely manner, due to the urgency of the role the new employee will be fulfilling.
  7. The information collated as part of the scenario, may need to be secured and only accessible /
    visible to teams that require it.

So what you have here (and we have only touched some high-level aspects in the example above), is a process that can be highly complex, involves a number of teams / individuals, may require different steps and must adhere to law/legislation



to achieve desired goals.

Hopefully the above helps you to now realise the different types of possible high-level governance…

  1. Project
  2. Procurement
  3. HR
  4. Finance
  5. Security

However, Governance is not just about achieving desired goals. Let’s face it, sometimes the goal can still be met, but possibly not in the most efficient manner. Breakdown in communication, knowledge gaps and misplacement of information can all lead to an un-harmonious (out of tune if we stick with the orchestra analogy) end result. Governance is also about engaging the right people, at the right time, and with the relevant information required to perform their tasks. They may not have visibility of the entire process, but are provided with the cues and guidance to perform their role efficiently. There is an attempt to
remove complexity where possible and to reduce / mitigate exposure to security risks.

So how can Konsolute assist with your governance needs?

You may have read on our website that we specialise in Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint. You may also be thinking that we only look at governance in those three aforementioned platforms. Think again…

The Cloud and migrating your workloads into the Cloud is inevitable (or that’s how we see it), and although we look at helping with the governance of these platforms, we also utilise the platforms to although we look at helping with the governance of these platforms, we also utilise the platforms to host/visualise the governance required for many other processes.

Azure/Office 365/SharePoint

This is really about setting the policies that dictate the usage of the platforms within an organisation. Here we look at ownership, security, hierarchy,
navigation and metadata guidelines, just to name a few. This forms the basic governance when utilising the platforms for hosting other governance processes.

Information governance

So here we are talking policies about how data is stored (structure), how long it is stored for (retention), what information accompanies the data (metadata) and who is able to access it (security). In other word, we’re referring to the information architecture. This governance layer sits directly on top of the platform governance

Specific governance

(Onboarding, offboarding, case management, freedom of information, data protection act, projects, sales, customers)… These are the processes that are of importance to organisations, departments within, and where Konsolute can help the organisation really shine through on their implementation(s).

How do we achieve this?

We provide what is known as Governance as a Service, or GaaS for short. In not so many words, it’s a package of services that are targeted to providing a solution to your governance requirements.

What’s in the package?

Generally, we utilise SharePoint / Office 365 to surface the data and display it (including hierarchy, security, metadata, retention), and Azure to provide additional automation of certain parts of the process. The platforms are open to heavy configuration and customisation, and therefore the package usually consists of consultation, configuration and customisation


As experts in the aforementioned platforms, we’re able to take our in-depth knowledge and find the best implementation to support the governance solution. We do this through a period of consultation which involves a governance team. The governance team varies in size, but typically consists of project managers, IT staff, compliance managers, information architects, security officers, and the users involved in the governance process. From the consultation sessions, Konsolute will produce a number of documents, diagrams and plans GaaS


Based on the consultation, the design is utilised to produce a framework within the platforms to host the governance solution. This consists of data capture screens, content definitions, metadata frameworks, taxonomies, search facilities, basic workflows etc. We’ll always attempt to utilise the out of the box (OOTB) capabilities of the platforms for creating the solution framework before resorting to writing code.


Each process is unique, and each process is unique to each organisation (which we usually discover during the consultation period). As part of the service, Konsolute will provide a customisation layer to compliment the OOTB features.

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