Our Product and Services free for all non-profit UK organisations

We understand the effect that COVID-19 crisis has across all sectors of our economy. In this difficult time, we would like to extend our support for the great service that non-profit organisations are providing.

As a small gesture of our appreciation, we would like to offer you our products, license free, as well as free consultation. Our products and services have helped organisations like Amnesty International and Shelter to focus on their core business services, by reducing administrative tasks and support burdens, whilst helping them to remain compliant with regulations and legislation.

We hear the phrase all too often... "you have to do more with less"

Every business is becoming a digital organisation. Innovation in your practices is key to ensuring that you’re able to extend your reach, cut costs and run your business efficiently. However, without having the necessary means to access expert advice and technologies, such as the Cloud and AI, you could end up being stuck with some archaic practices and solutions, causing a detrimental impact on what you passionately provide to the community.

Our Products & Services specifically for non-profits

Cloud Strategy and Readiness

Whether you’re already embracing the cloud or looking to adopt the cloud or wondering what the cloud can do for you  or you are having a bumpy ride on the cloud, we are here to help.

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Cloud Migration Services

We’ll work with you to identify your migration objectives, identity what will need to be migration. We’ll define you with a timeline to ensure that your migration is seamless and without any disruptions to your business.

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Cloud Modernisation Services

The cloud has engendered powerful new capabilities which are disrupting and streamlining entire business models. Let us help you to truly realise your business potential.

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Cloud Security & Compliance

We understand the importance cyber, regulatory, operational, and financial threats to your organisation. Our accredited security specialists remove the complexities of securing your cloud platform.

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Reflekt - Manage and Automate your M365 Governance

Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 products and services in your organisation whilst knowing that Reflekt is in complete control. Reflekt rapidly improve end user adoption & drastically reduces end user confusion!

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Virtual Academy - Delivers M365 training to your organisation

Virtual Academy is user friendly learning platform with the idea of making training and informing your organisation about Microsoft 365 products easy and accessible, tailoring to all your organisation’s needs.

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Onboard - Revolutionise your organisation's new hire joining experience

Onboard allows you to define your organisation’s onboarding experience and further refine this by allowing hiring managers and department to create specific onboarding experiences.

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Intranet - Communicate consistently across your organisation

Modern Intranet is a full self-service modern intranet solution, that will provide you with all you need to get started in utilising your modern intranet with minimal and efficient setup.

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