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Auto Classifier

“Data! data! data!” he cried impatiently – Sherlock Holmes

If you can relate to Sherlock and the following questions then please read on

Is your organisation…

So the answer is Yes, and just like any other organisation data is rapidly increasing. Here are some facts on data being created across the globe on a daily basis


With the volume of data being generated within an organisation even Sherlock would struggle to find a document/artefacts within any document repository.

At Konsolute we recognise the importance of managing your digital artefacts in most efficient and effective manner and we are proud to introduce an industry first innovative and revolutionary product known as Auto Classifier

What is Auto Classifier?

Nearly all organisations regardless of the sector or industry consume or create documents within SharePoint, file systems or other document repositories. Maintaining files within any document management requires the input of metadata (keywords that describe the document), this can be a time-consuming process for content authors and too often can leads to mistakes or documents which do not have any metadata. Thus, leading to poor search experiences and compliance not being able to react to regulatory/compliance requests such as GDPR

Auto Classifier uses Machine Learning Algorithms to extract meaningful keywords which accurately describe the document, these are then stored against the document. Content Authors can rely upon the tool to classify the document automatically

Auto Classifier revolutionises the way Content Authors attribute their documents, CAD drawings or other artefacts. This streamlines the process of publishing content and reduces the risk of incorrectly classifying or applying metadata to the documents/artefacts

Auto-Classifier can be configured via a user-friendly interface which enables the operator to choose from a range of data sources (SharePoint, file system, Office 365)

Use the slider below to see the before and after running Konsolute’s Auto Classifier



If we’re all like Neo from the Matrix, we’ll be able to easily navigate through our organisational document repositories, file systems, emails and instant messaging tools to find the information we’re looking for. Unfortunately, we’re not but Auto Classifier can certainly help your organisation

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Usage 1 – Understanding your existing documents

  • Simply connect to file system, network shares, SharePoint On-Premise or SharePoint Online to analyse your documents

  • Auto Classifier uses Machine Learning algorithms to learn about your organisational data

  • Process Office Documents and PDFs

  • Analyse the results via Power BI and/or using inbuilt dashboards

  • Intuitive interface which enables you to train the algorithm by defining and categorising your business terminology

  • Utilise pre-existing taxonomies or dictionaries to start building business specific models

Usage 2 – Automatic classification of existing documents

  • Automatically apply tags/metadata to files within SharePoint On-Premise, SharePoint Online, File Shares and Network Shares

  • Use existing taxonomies to enhance the intelligence of the machine learn algorithms

  • Enhance search experience instantly

  • Remain proactive and ready for regulatory and compliance requirements such as GDPR

  • Proven to drive end user adoption

  • Enriches the features of Microsoft’s Office 365 Compliance providing organisations with a complete auditing and forensics tool set

Usage 3 – Automatic classification of new documents

  • Detect new and updated files added to SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online and automatically apply metadata

  • Unlimited metadata/tags applied resulting in a greater SharePoint experience

  • Remove the need of applying tedious metadata

  • Increase productivity, sharing and transparency within your organisation

  • Remove the need for defining rigid Information Architecture

  • Built using the latest technologies harnessing horizontally scalable containerised architectures which adapt to your business needs


Auto Classifier On-Premise

For government organisations or organisations that have sensitive data or have a preference to process data on their own environments then Auto Classifier then be easily be deployed and configured on their environments. Auto Classifier works with containerised software such as Docker and can also be deployed onto virtualized environments

Auto Classifier as a Service (CaaS)

Auto Classifier as a Service (CaaS) can easily be consumed by any organisation as a service. Our service is a horizontally scalable service and our dedicated engineers continually monitor the service to ensure that we reduce/prevent any disruptions

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If you’re a Government organisation, our products and services are available on a number of procurement systems such as G-Cloud and Crown Commercial Supplier’s Digital Marketplace. Please get in contact with us, so that we can advise you on the procurement channel

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