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Application Development

New technologies and an increasing demand for flexibility and speed in the market are driving massive changes in the way organisations approach software development. From Mobile Applications to Enterprise Application Integration, Konsolute delivers solutions to enhance revenue streams, streamline processing, and reduce overall cost of ownership of an application portfolio

Konsolute’s Application Development service offering provides organisations with a flexible set of solutions spanning the entire system life cycle. We provides design, build/upgrade, test, operate and support solutions whether its on-premise or on a cloud hosted platform

Our services

We can support you in developing robust cloud technologies by providing a full range of consulting, development, migration and integration services, as well as platform expertise


We provide end-to-end software development services including, custom solutions and products, supplementing of in-house teams, technical consultancy, integration of technology with existing infrastructure


We specialise in designing PoCs to build your solution for performance, scalability and effectiveness. We help you scale, test and refine the main features as well as maximise control of your solution


We help our clients with their DevOps transformation and automation projects. We use tool sets to enable us to development, test and deploy reducing the deployment for our customers


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